Keys of Solitude



He blinked. He’d never heard of the Crystal of Earth before. “What is this crystal?” he asked as he got up and made a motion for the brunette to follow. They quietly walked down the dark, silent corridor before stopping at a room on the far side. “This is the music room, let’s see if there’s a violin in here…”

"Where I come from… we have four crystals that protect the land. Lately, darkness has overtaken them and it fell to me as the Vestal of Wind to awaken them again. The Earth Crystal lies in the home of my enemies, the dutchy, and I suppose it was them who altered my teleport stone." She padded silently after the other, making her way to a violin when they entered the room. It took a few moments to tune but she flashed him a dazzling smile once she had.


Saix didn’t know how to respond; he never minded the darkness but he wasn’t entirely sure if he liked the darkness or if that tiny bit of Xehanort in him did. Or both. He hated that bit of Xehanort, it messed at his mind and drove him mad. Sitting at the grand piano in the room, he flipped through various sheet music, all by his favorite composers, hoping to take his mind off of that. “Um…what would you like to play?”