Keys of Solitude



The feeling of a hand on his shoulder was odd but comforting. He exhaled deeply. “There’s a man named Xehanort…” It was difficult to explain. “You see, I have a little nort in me, in my soul perhaps, if Nobodies have souls. The nort in me occasionally makes me go ‘berserk’ and I’m so scared I’m going to lose my originality and become just like him and the other vessels.” Saix knew it made no sense but maybe she would understand.

"I don’t know what a nort is, nor who the vessels are." The vestal began softly, wishing she didn’t have to start on such a poor note. "But I’m sorry that you have to feel so out of control. You’re not powerless, Saix, just because you don’t understand. I don’t know what you mean by ‘berserk’ but I’m sure you can work around it, can keep everyone safe if you know about the risks. You can overcome whatever this darkness is, if you try."

He thought about the girl’s words for a long moment. “But…I am powerless, I…” He would never admit to feeling helpless and would certainly never ask for help but what choice did he have? “I’ll need some help”